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Risk investment, improves governance, decisions, performance and connects staff to strategy, core values and the business, through the discipline of effective risk management. GCRisk enhances your risk management program, optimises your risk management function and better understand your risk exposures.

Understand risk culture and risk appetite

Helping your people really understand risk culture and risk appetite

In the current business climate, your organisation, like many others, is striving to be agile and flexible. You want your people to make sound decisions to determine how best to protect your investment and innovate in your business.

The outcomes of these decisions should provide you with a competitive edge, helping you identify where you can reduce costs, increase service delivery effectiveness and enable staff to better connect with your organisation’s objectives and strategy.

Protecting your investment and being innovative in your business practices are reliant on your people having a clear understanding of the organisation’s risk culture and appetite.

Through the lens of risk management, this white paper explores ways to reflect on your organisation’s risk-management behaviours and offers some suggestions for explicitly identifying your risk culture and appetite.