bandfini_300dpi 01x01 bullet point Assurance
bandfini_300dpi 01x01 bullet point Enterprise wide risk management
bandfini_300dpi 01x01 bullet point Project risk management
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Assurance Services

  • Develop an assurance framework to determine risks are being managed effectively.
  • Review your compliance framework and identify a risk based approach to compliance.

Enterprise wide Risk Management Services

  • Develop environmental scans for identifying risk.
  • Develop a risk management training framework to assist you in building risk management capability.
  • Facilitate risk management workshops with staff and stakeholders to determine your organisations risk profile.
  • Review governance arrangements and help align risk management to the governance structure.
  • Provide enterprise risk management reporting services.
  • Provide project risk management services throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Work with your organisation to develop your risk management framework.
  • Work with your staff to identify and develop strategic risk, operational risk and project risk profiles.

Project Risk Management

  • If you have a start-up initiative, or project requiring extra short term resources for risk management, extra resource services are available.

Staff Backfilling Services

  • If your Risk Advisory or Risk Assurance staff are going on leave, or you are waiting to appoint risk management staff, backfilling services are available.